Thursday, 8 September 2011

Meaningful Employment

Meaningful Employment

When over 3 million people are out of work we need to ask one simple question WHY ?

The biggest reason seems to be that work these days its about having a JOB a "Just Over Broke" not having employment that you love to do "Meaningful Employment"

Imagine getting up every morning thinking WOW how lucky am I having the employment that I love to do.

CRACK ON ! are setting up a 40 day work program to help the under 25's get in to the work they love, and we need your help !!!

1) If you are under 25 and looking for work register with us

2) If you are an employer who would like to help train people on work placements register with us

3) If your a coach or trainer with time to spare and would love to help register with us

Together we can get people in to the work they really want to do and bring the ever growing cost to UK tax payers down along side the unemployment line

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