Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Here's how to raise your profile in front of an audience of thousands

Are you an expert in your field?

We're looking for people just like you, to tell us a few "Little Gems" from your field of expertise, that will entice people to click through to your web-presence and want to learn more about what you do.

Our members will recieve a daily empowering email with some kind of "Life-Tip" from yourself and a link to the rest of an article about what you do.

Have you been blessed in any of the following areas....
Mental fitness
Mental toughness
Beliefs + Values
Attraction and Manifestation
Habits and habit forming

Have you got an experience, or a story you would like to share?

How big would you be smiling, knowing that thousands of people had seen your message that day, and just one of them took it on board and was empowered to make a positive difference?

We need enough articles to keep our members feeling like "Woo Hoo!"
Could you write one a month ?

Contact us now, with with an outline of what you want to contribute, or if you're a real hero forward your articles to

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