Friday, 25 November 2011

FOOD APPEAL is under way :-)


Every year people in our local communities go hungry on Christmas day. We aim to collect food and deliver to the elderly, vulnerable and the needy families.

We are looking for tins, packets, jars, bottles and fresh produce to deliver direct to
those who need it. We will also be working with....

Food Bank Thetford
Gate House
Open Door
YES Group

Please help us make this happen, here is a list of the type of things we require.

Beans, Soup, Cheese, Butter, Bread, Biscuits, Chocolates, Mince Pies , Custard, Tea , Coffee, Sugar, Milk, Christmas Pudding, Gravy, Stuffing, Turkey , Chicken, Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Sprouts, Shampoo, Shower Gel and much much more !

Collection Points

Crack On ! Newmarket Shop

Crack On ! Thetford Shop

In store collection at Sainsbury's Mildenhall on 7th and 14th Dec

In store collection at Sainsbury's Bury St Edmunds on 11th and 15th Dec

The Library and Information Centre West Suffolk Hospital Education Centre Hardwick Lane BSE IP33 2QZ

New Life Mobility, 22A Tower Ramparts Shopping Centre, Ipswich, IP1 3BB

Unit 1 Gym, 1 Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7AR

Mildenhall Community Centre, Saint Johns Close, Mildenhall, IP28 7NX

Get Stuffed foam and cushion stall outside Boots the chemist on Bury St Edmunds market every Saturday

More coming soon, Thank You !!!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Meaningful Employment

Meaningful Employment

When over 3 million people are out of work we need to ask one simple question WHY ?

The biggest reason seems to be that work these days its about having a JOB a "Just Over Broke" not having employment that you love to do "Meaningful Employment"

Imagine getting up every morning thinking WOW how lucky am I having the employment that I love to do.

CRACK ON ! are setting up a 40 day work program to help the under 25's get in to the work they love, and we need your help !!!

1) If you are under 25 and looking for work register with us

2) If you are an employer who would like to help train people on work placements register with us

3) If your a coach or trainer with time to spare and would love to help register with us

Together we can get people in to the work they really want to do and bring the ever growing cost to UK tax payers down along side the unemployment line

Thanks for your support

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

APPEAL GREAT BRITAIN........step up to the challenge !


Food and blankets are urgently required to help the victims and the families that have been displaced by the trouble sweeping our country !

It's time! The perfect time to become better than we've allowed ourselves to become.

Our country, our world, will get better when the people get better.

"The world will little remember what we say here, it'll remember what we do" Abraham Lincoln

Today (August 10th, 2011) we launch the 40 Day Challenge
- To restore honour to the place we live through FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY
FAITH - Get on your knees at night, and ask whoever or whatever entity you do at these times. Whatever it is you believe in, practice it. Ask for more courage, commitment, resolve, passion, nderstanding, caring
HOPE - Hope comes from the truth, we can't expect honesty from others if we don't give it to them ourselves. Stop all lies for the next 40 days.
CHARITY - Charity begins at home, watch the people in your extended family, do something kind for them every week.... maybe they never find out you did it.
Ask yourself these two questions

Is there someone out there copying what I do?


Is someone looking to me for leadership?

People ARE going to be watching you, and maybe you’ll awaken greatness in them that one day we’ll be building a monument to.
Look out for each other, ask for help yourself if you need it and offer support and encouragement to others, because you can see they need it, rather than waiting for them to ask.

Let’s show people who we really are

To the journey! Strap yourselves in and let’s enjoy the ride!

Business to Business support appeal

British business is working hard to provide a prosperous future for our country in the face of global financial turmoil.
A few of our number have lost everything through mindless rioters.

As a business community we stand united. If every business would send just £1 per employee to help those who have lost their business we will ensure the rioters have failed to destroy any business or the livelihood of those who no longer have a place of work.

Please help in two ways. First, please send your donation to the appeal. Just as importantly, please add the link to this page to your email signature and your website and blog pages. Thank you for caring about Great Britain and your work to support our country.

Donations can be made at

Lloyd's Bank Account: 16224968 Sort Code: 30-95-58

or on our donate button on the right :-)

Join us to make a difference at

Monday, 16 May 2011

JUMP START event 18th August 2011 (Postponed till end September)

Postponed till the end of September due to thefantastic reaction to Appeal Great Britain!

JUMP START, the event is billed as the CRACK ON ! event of the year, it will blow your mind and help to move you and your family forward to a new dimension.

This will be an all inspiring event, which will highly charge you while showing you how to get more from this amazing thing called life.


The Crack On coaches will take you on a journey of discovery, help you face your fears and get you to question what's next.

Michael Addison will warm up the night by showing us how to improve our well-being and fitness on a daily bases through a unique and awesome programme.

To be confirmed but its gonna be a massive surprise.

Great Whelnetham Community Centre,
Stanningfield Road, Great Whelnetham,
Bury St Edmunds, IP30 0TY

6.00pm arrival and sign in for 7.00pm start finished at 9.00pm

Ticket price is £5.00 per person over 16

Under 16's are free
Saturday, 30 April 2011

Amazing it is !

CRACK ON ! is a group of amazing, larger than life, energetic, passionate, happy people that have been drawn together better themselves, by helping other people to better themselves.

We understand the joy, the sense of growth and of contribution associated with unconditional giving, and that if we help enough other people discover and reach their dreams and goals in life then ours will easily be attained as a matter of course.

People are drawn to CRACK ON ! for the energy, the buzz and excitement everyone is having all day long.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Easter Food Appeal

Monday, 21 February 2011

CRACK ON ! starts to reveal the vision :-)

Friday, 28 January 2011

1 st CRACK ON Shop ! opens in Newmarket

The 1st CRACK ON ! shop opened this week in Newmarket :-)

Now we need your help.......and fast ! we need donations of furniture clothing, books, bric-a-brack and all other household items to sell in our shop.

For a collection in our local area call 07979 080808 or

Come in for cuppa and enjoy the Charity Shop with a major difference, enjoy the company, get motivated and inspired to move your life forward.
Friday, 14 January 2011


Exciting time ahead for the CRACK ON team as we stride in to 2011.

Due to the overwhelming success of the food appeal and the huge response from people for us to do more we are in the process of turning CRACK ON ! in to a charity.

The aims of the charity is very simple, to help people realise their dreams, desires, goals and above all else their passion, via coaching, mentoring and motivation.

Anyone any age is welcome to attend our classes, in fact we would encourage parents to bring the children as well.

We look forward to seeing you there for an action packed day of realising your dreams!


Have you joined are daily newsletter to receive daily updates, quote of the day, motivational and positive stories, that will inspire and awaken your day ?

Register now to make sure you start your day the right you can CRACK ON !!!

Monday, 3 January 2011


Well done everyone that either helped or donated we did it 500+ people ate on Christmas day because of you !

We enlisted the help of local Charity Gatehouse to do all the deliveries to the vulnerable in the community we could help.

The appeal would not of been possible if it wasn't for all the dedicated helpers, shops, businesses, pubs and schools that helped, so from Gary and Mark, thank you, each and everyone of you.

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