Wednesday, 10 August 2011

APPEAL GREAT BRITAIN........step up to the challenge !


Food and blankets are urgently required to help the victims and the families that have been displaced by the trouble sweeping our country !

It's time! The perfect time to become better than we've allowed ourselves to become.

Our country, our world, will get better when the people get better.

"The world will little remember what we say here, it'll remember what we do" Abraham Lincoln

Today (August 10th, 2011) we launch the 40 Day Challenge
- To restore honour to the place we live through FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY
FAITH - Get on your knees at night, and ask whoever or whatever entity you do at these times. Whatever it is you believe in, practice it. Ask for more courage, commitment, resolve, passion, nderstanding, caring
HOPE - Hope comes from the truth, we can't expect honesty from others if we don't give it to them ourselves. Stop all lies for the next 40 days.
CHARITY - Charity begins at home, watch the people in your extended family, do something kind for them every week.... maybe they never find out you did it.
Ask yourself these two questions

Is there someone out there copying what I do?


Is someone looking to me for leadership?

People ARE going to be watching you, and maybe you’ll awaken greatness in them that one day we’ll be building a monument to.
Look out for each other, ask for help yourself if you need it and offer support and encouragement to others, because you can see they need it, rather than waiting for them to ask.

Let’s show people who we really are

To the journey! Strap yourselves in and let’s enjoy the ride!

Business to Business support appeal

British business is working hard to provide a prosperous future for our country in the face of global financial turmoil.
A few of our number have lost everything through mindless rioters.

As a business community we stand united. If every business would send just £1 per employee to help those who have lost their business we will ensure the rioters have failed to destroy any business or the livelihood of those who no longer have a place of work.

Please help in two ways. First, please send your donation to the appeal. Just as importantly, please add the link to this page to your email signature and your website and blog pages. Thank you for caring about Great Britain and your work to support our country.

Donations can be made at

Lloyd's Bank Account: 16224968 Sort Code: 30-95-58

or on our donate button on the right :-)

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