Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The word is spreading - thank you everyone!

Huge thanks to LocalSecrets.com for covering our Crack On Christmas Food Appeal in the online magazine - read the article here http://www.localsecrets.com/ezine.cfm?ezineid=2351~bury+st+edmunds+weekly+blog+our+city+viewpoints

Lots more Collection Points close to confirmation, details to come in the next day or so, so PLEASE keep an eye on this blog for updates, and follow @Crack_on on Twitter if tweeting is your thing. Should be lots more press coverage coming this week too, but word of mouth is still our most powerful tool so get your friends and family in on our cunning plan and help us provide care packages for 500 vulnerable people this Christmas.

There are lots of ways to help beyond donating a tin of beans or a box of cereal too. We need volunteers who'll give up a few hours of their time to man in-store (yes, warm and dry!) Collection Points, transport donations to our storage space at Homespace, help us sort and create the food parcels, and the best bit of all, delivering them to their deserving recipients just before Christmas.

Please do give any time and help you can - your couple of hours will make possible a genuinely appreciated gift for 500 people who otherwise may well be alone or uncared for this Christmas. And you just KNOW that's going to feel good to know ;0)


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