Friday, 11 December 2009

700 + followers in 4 days

Thank you so very much for taking time to look at our very basic blog / website, we are sure at some point we will get an all singing all dancing one donated.

Now Crack On is a simple thing really, with over 700 followers in just 4 days. So why are people joining in their droves ? Easy ! Its all about helping others, doing good deeds, Karma and Pay it forward.

We have already been ask will be running seminars on this ? Well yes we guess we will, if that’s what the followers want.

But first we need your help Andrew Akehurst who follows us on our facebook group has come up with what we believe to be an amazing idea ! But we need your help first. Andrews idea is to compile an ebook out of all the stories we get about people doing good deeds. Lets face it there is enough amazing stories out there and people want to be inspired by them.

Please keep pushing the groups forward to help us grow bigger, so we can help more people.

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See you all there


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